what animals would you guys like to see giffed more?

  1. hyacinthgur1 answered: foxes
  2. twentyfivesix answered: RACCOONS!
  3. shantran answered: sloths :3
  4. wingardiumleviosakid answered: giraffes <3
  5. vipusiowa answered: dogs , rabbits etc.
  6. thisisnoise answered: Chickens or lambs!
  7. imsodonewithmyself answered: tigers,dogs/puppies,cats,monkeys and wolves
  8. fieryhalfdemon-archieve answered: Black Fox
  9. werehunterhybrid answered: Black Backed Jackal
  10. bootsiebutt answered: kittens
  11. dreaminginthewake answered: cats :)
  12. awawesome answered: baby lion or tiger
  13. weirdunevenworld answered: A Lynx!
  14. eris27 answered: alpacas :D
  15. grandbarcelona answered: hamsters plzz :’)
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  17. dorkishdorkish1905 answered: bunnies!
  18. puppydpenguin answered: baby animals! XD
  19. ooza answered: owls. cute owls.
  20. allonsymywaywarddetective answered: Chickens!
  21. ihadthestrangestdream answered: Kittens! Sheepies! Derpy little seals and sloths!
  22. asktheoriginalstark answered: bats :3
  23. coahoma-cat answered: Cats, bats, wolves, foxes.
  24. makebelievemizzie answered: SHEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!
  25. mybananaandme answered: giraffes <3
  26. everythingg-iss-claimed answered: catzzz and tiger cubs
  27. playfulobsessions answered: puppies!
  28. cangaceiranerd answered: GIRRAFFES *U*
  29. globalmermaid answered: puppies!
  30. the-come-and-go-room answered: foxes!
  31. yesiac answered: bunnies!
  32. mightyenapup answered: Pangolin, but good luck with that… Wolf, puffin, duck, bison, sea turtle maybe?
  33. officialjohnconstantine answered: Ferrets or rats
  34. piggasus answered: Pigs :)
  35. what-the-hell-is-craic answered: koala’s, definately.
  36. mividaesmiasolomia answered: All….
  37. cleefa answered: rabbits please
  38. stray-idiot answered: Cats ^^
  39. starrymessenger answered: BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS BADGERS
  40. meganhaner answered: kangaroos, giraffes, and gazelles. <3
  41. dermannimdaunenkleid answered: Salamanders, Newts, Mantis :>
  42. gaearth answered: Sloth, please!
  43. charliemelon answered: corgis or bats?
  44. dreamysasuke answered: red pandas, sloths, foxes, baby animals, calfs, rats, kangaroos, horses, deers, siberian huskies, wolves, bears, hamsters and shiba inus. C:
  45. rimetin answered: turtles! also rodents!
  46. edinag answered: turtles
  47. bunniesandpeace answered: hamsters, bunnies, koalas, kangaroos
  48. monsaintmalo answered: siberian huskies please!